Paid to click sites that pay!

Legit Ptc Sites That Pay

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Ptc Sites that are legit and paying ! Make the easiest money youll ever make in your life!

You want to have stacks of cash just like the picture on the left, you want a be rolling in benjamins all from easy work like clicking ads and doing offers. Requires no skills! No training. You want to get rich online! Well ok lets get real here, its not possible to get rich from little work, it takes alot of work to get rich but if your just trying to make some extra cash on the side to pay the bills , or want to save up for the latest new gadget coming out then your deffinitelly in the right place!

If you have fingers and eyes your already qualified for this job, if for some reason your blind and have no fingers than im really sorry but this might not be for you, but most likely this is not the case because your reading this rite now.

Anyways if your wondering if its possible to make big money on ptc sites, It actually is possible and ill show you how.

Paid to Click Sites are one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet! It is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

Ok, so who wouldn't love to get paid cash for surfing the internet, something you do daily anyways. It seems to good to be true. Most internet or home businesses are a pure scam, that have little or no potential of making money. PTC sites truly is the real deal when it comes to making money at your home at ease in front of a laptop or computer. They don't offer you the impossible or big ammounts of cash for little to no work, like most of the scam home businesses out there. Legit Ptc Sites That Pay!

How do Ptc sites work?

Online Advertisers pay the PTC site in exchange for you (the ptc member) to click on their ad or signup to their website. You have to view the ad normally around 10 - 30 seconds depending on the ads potentail earnings ammount, so the higher the ads earnings the longer you will have to view the ad. Then you get credited with a percentage/portion of the money paid for the ad once ad is clicked and verified. This is how legitimate Paid to click sites work and function. If a ptc site is offering you a huge earnings amount for each ad, example: $0.25 per click than it is most likely a scam. Lets be realistic, no advertiser will ever pay $0.25 for each click to their website, unless they are guaranteed clicks will turn into conversions.

How to start making money on Ptc sites?

Now that you know ptc sites are legit and there's potential to make easy money, your asking how do i begin? I put together all the best paid to click sites on the web located here . There are thousands of ptc sites online so if your new to this you will deffinitelly not know where to begin, luckily i have over 2+ years experience and iv'e done all the hard work, research, testing, experimenting, so that you won't have to.

Each of the recommended legit ptc sites offers you earnings from $.005 to $.03 for viewing each ad. Spending about 10-30 minutes a day, viewing ads, can realisticly earn  you up to $150+ month. Remember its only 10-30 min. of your time each day for doing a simple job. the more time you spend and the more sites you join, the more money you can make; there is literally no limit. You get what you put into it. Like i said theres thousands of ptc sites online so  if you join all the legit ones and spend hours clicking daily you can be earning hundreds to thousands of dollars a month easily.

Obviouslly its going to be harder to earn thousands on a ptc site just by clicking ads because clicking ads all day is no fun! Sure its an easy job, but after clicking ads for a while you will get really bored, you do not want to be clicking  ads 10 hours straight everyday, that would literally be the most boring job in the world. 


Why not have your referrals click for you! All ptc sites offer you the option to promote the site to your friends and family or whoever to get referrals so you can earn a percentage of what their earning. 

Example: You get 5 referrals to a ptc site, that ptc sites offers you 100% earnings from your referrals, all 5 of your referrals click daily on the ptc website earning a total of $.05 each daily, $.05 x 5 = $0.25 . Your making $0.25 daily from only 5 referrals coming from only 1 ptc site. Getting referrals is the fastest way to make big money on ptc sites. Once you have enough referrals you can just sit back and watch your money stack up, you will be making money on autopilot while you sleep!